Toshiko is a simple bot written in that is designed to make your servers a lot cuter!


In Development

As Toshiko is in development, You can join our Discord and request any feature to be added!

Many sources

Toshiko uses many sources of images to make sure you can get your fix of cute catgirls!

Easy to Use

Toshiko is extremely easy to use. Simply invite him, run c!help and then run commands from the response.

Interactive NSFW Commands

Toshiko features several NSFW commands, Such as: c!furry, c!feet and c!yuri. There are even a few interactive commands such as c!fuck (with more to be added over time!)

Making use of many sources

The developers of Toshiko have decided to use several different API's to get images. These currently only include and their own self hosted one which gets updated almost daily!

A learning experience

Toshiko is meant to be a learning experience for the main developer, Sky. She hasn't had very much time to create coding projects from the ground up and work on them over time. Toshiko will be in active development for the foreseeable future

What people are saying...


"Toshiko is one of the cutest Discord bots I have ever seen! Definitely worth trying out."


"this bot is very cool and you should use it for your discord server"


"I cannot tell you how many times I have been fucked because of this bot"

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